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Merrily and Music Together® has made a profound impact on my son. For 2 sessions, he just watched and learned. Now he loves music and sings music together songs as well as other songs all the time. The class has also inspired me to go out of my comfort zone in order to set an example for my son. -Anonymous

Merrily has been wonderful and equally engaging my now 1 year old and 3 and a half year old. Though they are obviously at completely different stages, both seem to enjoy the music in the class equally. It's been a wonderful opportunity to do something enjoyable for both kids together. -Anonymous

We love singing all the songs and making up lyrics of our own. We get so much pleasure hearing our child really connect with the songs. -Anonymous

Class has made it easier to incorporate music into our everyday life. It's helped me be more spontaneous and silly as a parent. I believe it is helping to shape my daughter. She loves music, singing, dancing, playing with instruments, clapping her hands and tapping her legs to the beat.-Anonymous 

 It is a time we look forward to each week and it has been a great experience or us all. Quality of music is very good (both in class and CD's) and my son really enjoys this positive, enriching experience. -Anonymous 

This is a truly wonderful class and I would recommend it for all children...My son and I love this class! -Anonymous

My Child and I enjoy class so much. We sing the songs and listen to the CD every day. Merrily is talented, warm and fun. -Anonymous 

My kids love it! It is a part of their lives- the music is in their hearts.-Anonymous

This class is fun, educational and it helped my son (who was adopted at seven mos.) bond with me! -Anonymous

My child started at thirteen months and is now sixteen months. I have seen him develop musically. Merrily is a great instructor and involves each and every child and parent in the group.-Anonymous